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Οι ηλεκτρονικές άδειες (Software) θα αποστέλλονται κανονικά
Οι υπόλοιπες παραγγελίες, θα ελεγχθούν από τις 24/08
Μένουμε ασφαλείς, για να απολαύσουμε τις διακοπές μας

Founded in 2009, AURALiC LIMITED has established a worldwide reputation for designing innovative music streaming and audio components of the highest quality - a combination of classic analog technology and cutting edge digital evolution with a design aesthetic.

AURALiC’s hardware and software product make it easy for everybody to play the high resolution music in each room of their home, to control all their audio equipment with a single click on their portable devices, to play music from any internet services or local storage, to discover new music they never know based on their own tastes, to share music from their closest friends, and to re-born any of their existing audio system with the latest technology and sonic performance.

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