Our company has been the manufacturer, importer and distributor of breathalyzers since 2003 from the most recognized producers from around the world, including from: USA, South Korea, Great Britain, Canada, China and Hong Kong.

We are an authorized  distributor of the best breathalyzers  such as:

ALCOFIND Manufacturer of professional and personal breathalyzers from South Korea

 ALCODIGITALManufacturer of professional and personal breathalyzers.

LIFELOCManufacturer of professional, evidence and police breathalyzers from the USA.

 DRAGERProfessional Police breathalyzers Dräger. Ignition lockout. Dräger industrial drier. DrugTester 5000 device for drug testing. 
ALKOTOPManufacturer of police screening breathalyzers.

  ACSManufacturer of Professional equipment for testing the content of exhaled air from Canada.

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